What Should You Use to Clean a Newborn’s Body? 

As a new parent, caring for your newborn requires careful attention and nurturing. Daily routines such as soothing them to sleep, feeding, and bathing demand special care. Newborns have delicate skin with limited immunity compared to adults. Some parents may wonder what products are safe to use on their baby’s body. So, what should you use to clean a newborn’s body?

In reality, it is not recommended to use additional products on a newborn’s body. However, you can gently apply a small amount of baby powder to areas such as the neck, armpits, and groin. Most baby powders contain talcum powder. It is important to avoid applying it near the genital or anal areas.

Newborns should have regular baths and diaper changes. Since babies have limited mobility, applying a small amount of baby powder can help prevent bacterial infections caused by excessive moisture in areas like the armpits. However, it is crucial to use baby powder in moderation and avoid excessive and repeated application. Additionally, be cautious not to let the powder disperse into the air, as it can be inhaled by the baby during breathing.

When it comes to cleaning your baby’s skin, regular handwashing is essential before performing any cleaning tasks. It is recommended to use specialized baby bath equipment and prepare warm or lukewarm water. Use clean gauze or cotton cloth to gently clean your baby’s skin.

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