Should Newborns Wear Hats? Debunking Myths and Providing Insights

When scrolling through the internet, it’s common to come across adorable photos of newborns wearing cute hats. However, it’s rare to see newborns wearing hats in hospitals.


This is because in the past, it was common practice to put hats on newborns, but nowadays, hospitals generally only provide hats for infants born via cesarean section or induction. So why is it no longer recommended to put hats on newborns born through normal delivery?

  1. Newborns have a sensitive sense of smell

The newborn period is when their sense of smell is at its peak. From the moment a baby is born, they recognize your scent, and you also subconsciously recognize the unique scent of your baby. A 2003 study showed that when a baby smells something pleasant, it triggers a pleasurable response in the mother’s brain. Mother Nature is clever and has devised this special way to help mothers bond with their newborns. Therefore, it’s important to have close contact with your baby in the early days instead of having the scent of laundry detergent from a hat surrounding them.

  1. Babies don’t need hat to stay warm

Putting a hat on a newborn is a common misconception, as many people believe that newborns need hats to stay warm. However, the truth is that newborns don’t need hats because they have your body to keep them warm. Your body temperature helps regulate their temperature, which is why those first few hours of skin-to-skin contact are crucial. If the baby feels too warm against your skin, you can help them cool down, and if they feel too cold, your body will help warm them up. Therefore, if a hat is worn indoors, the baby may actually feel too warm.

In conclusion, it is not necessary for newborns to wear hats. Close contact with the baby’s skin is more beneficial for bonding and temperature regulation.

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